Hopeful World: Lolly Galvin, Founder of Dignity Project - Philadelphia

Hi Lolly, what is Dignity Project all about?

Dignity Project is about sharing the faces and stories of those who are homeless. There is a mindset that homeless people either "want" to be there or "deserve" to be there and we use social media to show how easily it can be in America to fall on hard times and become homeless. I also give out dignity bags that contain essentials such as razors, soap, tissues etc. Their gratitude for these simple things can be heartbreaking.   

Whereabouts are you based and who are you working with?

I am based in Philadelphia, but after I started a gofundme, I reached a goal and will be traveling across the US to help the homeless in 12 different cities. After I return, I'll continue the work in Philadelphia.  One thing I've learned from people living on the streets is that they feel unsafe in shelters so I do all of my work alone and directly with them. Recently some groups have volunteered to help me with the dignity bags which is amazing. Michelle of the Unforgotten Haven is one of those special people. I'm a registered nonprofit.  

What are you most proud of?

I'm most proud of the fact that I got over my own self and decided to open my eyes and mind to those struggling around me. I'm also incredibly proud of all of the kind people who support the cause I do, both financially and with kind words.  

 How can people find out more and get involved?

Please check out the Gofundme page (https://www.gofundme.com/payitforwardlive)
Facebook: DignityProject
Instagram: @realhumanist 

Tell us something that makes you Hopeful…

Hearts of people. They are bigger and kinder than you could ever imagine.

Thank you for sharing your wonderful work with us Lolly!

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  • Hi Moe!
    Sorry for later reply, I have passed on your message to Lolly. Email us at info@hopefultraders.com so I can send you her reply. Thanks for reaching out!

    Hopeful Taders
  • I live in pa, I’d love to be apart of this…if you ever need someone to go out and hand out bags with or help put them together let me know. May you come tonue to be a blessing to others God bless!


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