David Tovey: Turning My Life Around

David Tovey CollectionSupport from the likes of Pilion Trust, Café Art and Clothing The Homeless have helped Hopeful Trader designer, David Tovey improve his life dramatically.

In this post David tells us a little bit about how this support has enabled him to turn his life around and move away from homelessness by focusing on his art


‘I have a very loving family,’ David told us, ‘I love them to pieces, but because of my mental health problems, my isolation and my abuse to myself, I couldn’t share my problems.’ Thanks to advice from Savvas at Pilion Trust, David realised he could use his hellish experience to better his life through expression and art.

The Pilion Trust assisted David with access to veterans aid and helped him get into housing, he told us that they helped rebuild his confidence and gave him a sense of social inclusion.

Café Art have helped him improve his focus, he says ‘this actually goes really well with being an artist so I’m trying to focus on my artwork, the one thing which is most enjoyable and engaging to me.’ David described the founder of Café Art, Michael Wong, as ‘amazing, like sublime’, saying that he goes way beyond expectations to provide support, which David is massively appreciative of.

David Tovey South Bank Fashion Show

This focus has led David to realise projects such as a recent fashion show on the South Bank, which was supported by Clothing The Homeless. David was chuckling when he told us, ‘it was special and I like those guys, they’re cool as fuck!’

You can see the fashion show here.

Check out The David Tovey Collection here, sales contribute to David’s ongoing artistic work and charitable endeavours, also 15% is donated straight to Clothing the Homeless.


Coming next, we turn the tables and talk to Hopeful Traders founder Charlie Wright, about how he met David and how they put together the David Tovey Collection.


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