Homeless World Cup: Special Edition T Shirts


In celebration and support of The Homeless World Cup tournament taking place in Glasgow this July, Hopeful Traders have teamed up with the Homeless World Cup Organisation to release two special editions of the Hopeful Traders Originals T Shirts. The T shirts will come in the bright bold red of The Homeless World Cup and the sleek black of the Hopeful Traders logo. The pundits are expecting the pairing to form the kind of strike partnership that can set a tournament alight.

The T Shirts will be available from the Friday the 15th of April for £22 via our website and Camden Market pop-up stall with 10% of each sale going directly to The Homeless World Cup organisation.

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  • I know I’m behind by nearly a year, but i was wondering if you had any soccer shirts left, or are designing some for the 2017 year and can be purchased online. Thanks for your time

  • Thank you, glad you approve… Mr. Ferris

    Hopeful Traders
  • I like the red

    Fat Head Ferris

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