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How did David Tovey and Hopeful Traders get together?

David Tovey Hopeful Traders

This time we speak with Hopeful Traders founder Charlie Wright, about how he met David Tovey and the genesis of the David Tovey Collection. 


Charlie first became aware of David’s work through the charity Café Art, he told us about the first time he met David at an exhibition in Spitalfields Market, ‘he was brimming with enthusiasm, one of those people who is immediately friendly. He is clearly a real community guy, he was enthusing about other people’s art and saying how good it would be on a T shirt.’

Charlie and David met again the following day and agreed on the artworks that would form the basis of the David Tovey collection, the Bus and Taxi prints, and the girls, 1st and 2nd.


David Tovey For Hopeful Traders Collection


David signed the licensing agreement with Hopeful Traders two years to the day after he had tried to end his life, a strange coincidence and a sign of how quickly he has turned his life around.

Charlie said that David’s ‘excitement, energy and gratitude for the project has been incredibly uplifting and validating. I am really grateful to have had the opportunity to work with him and help him contribute to the community’.

Working with David has really fuelled Charlie’s enthusiasm and he is excited about collaborating with other artists from the homeless community in the future.


Check out The David Tovey Collection here, sales contribute to David’s ongoing artistic work and charitable endeavours, also 15% is donated straight to Clothing the Homeless.



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