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Hopeful News: Who Inspires David Tovey?

Hopeful News: David Tovey Series
David Tovey has designed a very special collection for Hopeful Traders, and over the coming weeks we are excited to be able to share with you some insight into David’s life and his experience of homelessness.

He has told us all about how he managed to turn his life around and even about some of the unexpected magical moments he experienced while homeless.

To kick off, we asked David who inspired him as an artist.

Who inspires David Tovey?
David hadn’t been near a pencil for 20 years, he told us ‘I’d been a chef in the army and when I had my stroke it, it was my Mum who encouraged me to do something in the art field’.
Initially he had an urge to study film and photography and it was the artist William Klein who inspired him to move in a slightly different direction. Klein describes himself as neither a photographer or a film maker despite majoring in photography and film, but as an artist and David was particularly attracted to this versatility.
David has a diverse range of interests in art, he paints, draws, makes photographs, film, fashion, and performance art.  He also writes poetry and spoken word.  It was this diversity that he associated with William Klein and it is still the act of being creative that engages him regardless of the medium.

David puts this down to being a Pisces, ‘Pisces are loners’ he says, ‘they are loving, caring and complex yet they’re rubbish in relationships.  They live two different lives and when things are good, they are going good but when things are bad, they are really bad.  That is so true for me, and that’s where my art comes from’.
David has a wealth of life experience to draw from, but he still looks back on his formative years, sat at the kitchen table drawing, painting and laughing with his large family.  He hasn’t yet been able to complete his fine art degree due to illness, but his creativity knows no bounds and photography remains an important part of his practice.

David is involved in a number of projects of his own, and with Café Art and Clothing the Homeless, alongside his work with Hopeful Traders.

Check out The David Tovey Collection here, sales contribute to David’s ongoing artistic work and charitable endeavours, also 15% is donated straight to Clothing the Homeless.

Next time David is going to share some of the photographs he has taken while wandering through London’s forgotten parks.

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