Hopeful News: A Moment of Magic

A Moment of Magic

Hopeful Traders designer David Tovey sums up life on the streets quite succinctly, ‘Homelessness is loneliness, it’s segregation and pain. You get spat at and treated like shit basically.’
David had an incredibly tough time when he was homeless, but he also looks back and remembers some special moments. ‘One time I was walking up Hackney way and all the leaves had blown and got stuck all the way up the fencing around some tennis courts. I was like ‘that’s fantastic’, little things like that and sitting to watch the sun rise was just magical.’
David Tovey 1st Girl Organic Sweatshirt

He remembers taking time to visit long forgotten parks in London, wandering the wooded untrodden areas where the wild flowers thrive.

‘I got the most beautiful photo of these little wild daisies.  They were all crooked and bent, with dew on the leaves and in the background the sunrise was just coming up.’

David is keen to highlight these places, which can be visited for free.  He particularly likes Brockwell Park near Dulwich and Clissold Park in Stoke Newington. Wild London lists loads more potential places to visit.

Check out The David Tovey Collection here, sales contribute to David’s ongoing artistic work and charitable endeavours, also 15% is donated straight to Clothing the Homeless.


We have more insight from David to share, our next instalment will focus on how he has turned his life around.
Don’t forget, we also have the Hopeful Traders Originals collection where you can select which homeless charity 10% of your purchase will be donated to, check it out.

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