Collaboration with people affected by homelessness and mental illness

Christmas Campaign To Provide Homeless Women With Hygiene Products

In the UK, homeless shelters are provided with funding for items like condoms and razors but not female hygiene products.

Despite the UK having struck a deal with the EU to remove the luxury item tax in March, no change in taxation has taken effect. This means that for the thousands of homeless women in the UK, the cost of sanitary products could be at the expense of a meal.

Inspired by the likes of Dignity Project and Homeless Period, Hopeful Traders has teamed up with Streets Kitchen to ask you to help provide a homeless woman with these much needed items whilst doing your Christmas shopping. 

Every penny you spend will go directly towards the purchase of female hygiene products for homeless women. We have a variety of rewards available for donating, including our specially designed Christmas Cards (featured above) and Discount Codes to use on our online store. Check out the rewards available here

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