Gifts For Good Day 1: Old Spike Roastery

Let's be honest with ourselves. Every year on December 21st you fight a sea of people on Oxford Street whom, you tell yourself, are idiots for leaving it this late for Christmas shopping despite you being amongst them for the same reason. You tell yourself "never again!" But next year comes around and you find yourself in a tug of war over a scarf in Primark that your cousin "probably will like". [NOTE: durability of Primark clothing and accessories exaggerated for purpose of comedy].

Well this year is different. You may not do it in November as you told yourself but you probably will have it done by the time every work day ends with a get together and drinks. To help you along the way we have created an ethical gift guide. We will feature an item a day offered by brands who we think make good stuff for a good cause... and so without further misguided attempts at amusement, here is day one!

Old Spike Roastery Coffee Subscription

Old Spike Roastery was set up with the core aim of helping to fight homelessness in the UK by roasting and producing top notch coffee. They provide people with jobs, training and support, which proves invaluable opportunities to some of the most marginalised people in society.

Their subscription service delivers straight to your home or workplace and there are discounts available when you subscribe to their mailing list.

Don't be tempted into thinking this is just a novelty way of helping those less fortunate. These guys really care about coffee and it shows. Not only is the taste outstanding but if you go to the website will guide you through the options available to make sure you get exactly the coffee you need and when you need it.

Alternatively you can drop into their shop by Peckham Rye and try a fresh cup yourself.

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