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Gifts For Good Day 2: Jollie's

Jollie's Socks

Day two of our ethical gift guide and today we have something to warm your heart and your toes. Jollie's was set up when founder, Ed Vickers spent some time with his local homeless charity only to find the great value, appreciation and ultimately need in fresh pairs of socks.

Every time you purchase a pair of these cosy foot-mittens, a pair is donated to a homeless charity. If that wasn't enough, their range of designs and bright colours are only matched in appeal by the quality of the sock itself. Forget the novelty Santa socks that you chuckle at once and throw in your draw never to be seen again. These are the F1 racing of socks... except less pretentious and ridiculous... they are just really good ok.

Head to to delight a loved one this Christmas

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