Gifts For Good Day 7: Crack And Cider

We are over halfway through our ethical gift guide and today we have one that is pretty high on the altruism scale.

Londoners Scarlett Montanaro and Charlotte Cramer, wanted to address the issue of people walking past the city's homeless without knowing how best to help. The name itself derives from a conversation with a homeless man who commented "people don't give me any money because they think I will just spend it on Crack and Cider."

Crack and Cider offer a range of items which are you can buy and they will be distributed to the homeless in London and San Francisco. They have a range of warm weather gear, toiletries and even a canine pack to help provide for homeless people's four legged companions.

Check out to see the range and to provide a homeless person with these much needed essentials. Maybe do it in the name of your grandma to give you both good karma.

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