Gifts For Good: Part 1

We've collated the first half of our ethical gift guide into one post to save you clicking yourself into a stupor on the blog. So get shopping and don't forget old aunt Flo!

1. Old Spike Roastery Coffee

Old Spike Roastery was set up with the core aim of helping to fight homelessness in the UK by roasting and producing top notch coffee. They provide people with jobs, training and support, which proves invaluable opportunities to some of the most marginalised people in society.

Their subscription service delivers straight to your home or workplace and there are discounts available when you subscribe to their mailing list.

Don't be tempted into thinking this is just a novelty way of helping those less fortunate. These guys really care about coffee and it shows. Not only is the taste outstanding but if you go to the website will guide you through the options available to make sure you get exactly the coffee you need and when you need it.

Alternatively you can drop into their shop by Peckham Rye and try a fresh cup yourself.

2. Jollie Socks

We have something to warm your heart and your toes. Jollie's was set up when founder, Ed Vickers spent some time with his local homeless charity only to find the great value, appreciation and ultimately need in fresh pairs of socks.

Every time you purchase a pair of these cosy foot-mittens, a pair is donated to a homeless charity. If that wasn't enough, their range of designs and bright colours are only matched in appeal by the quality of the sock itself. Forget the novelty Santa socks that you chuckle at once and throw in your draw never to be seen again. These are the F1 racing of socks... except less pretentious and ridiculous... they are just really good ok.

Head to to delight a loved one this Christmas

3. The Soap Co.

Everyone like's to make the jokey "what are you saying?" comment when you get some toiletries and bathroom "smellies". Well what you should be saying is "here have some bloody lovely, UK made soaps, hand wash and hand lotion from The Soap Co. who employ disabled and disadvantaged people." 

Between their base in East London and their traditional workshop in The Lake District, The Soap Co. has created 11,250 employment days. This includes bringing 49 people back into employment after a period of unemployment lasting at least 6 months.

Everything from their award-winning package design to their environmentally responsible production methods are examples of product perfection.

Go to to pick up one of their beautiful Gift Packs.

4. Stray Further

We may be a bit biased but we really think the smaller clothing brands are just a little bit more special. Stray Further's range of ethically manufactured clothing is a whole lot more special because all sales help fund their work with animal welfare charities.

Stray Further's founders, Kate and Josh, started Stray Further as part of a personal mission to help an animal sanctuary in Morocco. They have a small but very rad range of organic clothing as well as a few other gift items and everything is produced with as little damage to the environment as possible.

Go to to check out the range and read their stories.

5. Art House Meath

You may have noticed we are quite appreciative of a little bit of artistic talent and the way it can do so much for a person. Which brings us to Art House Meath, the subject of Day 5 of our ethical gift guide.

Art House Meath offers an artistic outlet to people living with disabilities. Their range of artwork is produced through their work with men and women living with complex epilepsy, learning and physical difficulties. 

You can buy some truly unique original paintings as well as various gifts, accessories and nice things to put in your home. If you are stuck for gift ideas or just need some wrapping paper, go and check out to grab something special.

100% of the sales goes into maintaining the enterprise and running their programs for disabled persons.

6. Hopeful Traders

Don't act so surprised, we are ethical and if I didn't think our stuff was lovely why would I do it?

You are perhaps aware that Hopeful Traders collaborates with artists who have been affected by homelessness. Their designs make our clothing a unique gift for someone with a big heart... or who just likes nice T shirts and sweatshirts. We've decided to choose ROL's "Hope" T Shirt for the gift guide because at the end of this year I think we are all needing to look to 2017 with more than a little hope.

All our clothing is made from 100% Organic Cotton and produced ethically under the Fairwear certification.

You can find out more about ROL (Ray of Light) and his collection here

Use the code GIFTGUIDE16 at checkout for 20% off your order.

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