Give homeless and abuse service workers vaccine priority

 UPDATE: Many local authorities are prioritising homeless service workers as 'social care workers'. If your local authority is not, there are instructions for steps a service can take in this update by Homeless Link.

We are calling for those working with people experiencing homelessness and abuse to be prioritised in the vaccine rollout as others who work with and care for vulnerable people.

It is right that workers, such as those in care homes, are prioritised so that they can carry out important work without furthering the already high risk to the people they work with or themselves. People experiencing homelessness have comparable health risks as those of people in their 80s and 90s with the life expectancy of a homeless person in the UK being between 43 and 46 (average life expectancy in the UK is between 76 and 81). 

Abuse and other pressures that lead to homelessness are increasing and the need for these services to be open and staffed is as high as ever. People should not be put at further risk when seeking support. This is why we ask you to write to your MP to urge them to raise the issue with the Minister for COVID Vaccine Deployment, Nadhim Zahawi MP.


Your actions have effect

Take a few minutes to write to your MP

Go to
Give your postcode to find your MP

Ask them to urge the Minister for COVID Vaccine Deployment to prioritise workers in homeless and abuse services when the vaccine is rolled out, in the same way that those working in care homes are prioritised.

Keep your message concise and respectful. 

You may want to include information such as:

  • The health risks to homeless people
  • The health risks to workers
  • The need for services to remain open

The Outside Project stays open

While many services are closed, our friends at The Outside Project have kept their services open. Their domestic abuse refuge, shelter and support services are a lifeline for vulnerable people. The team cannot work if they are sick. They deserve protection, as do the people they support.

You can find out more about The Outside Project and support their work on our Make Space for Homeless Queers page.

Homelessness = Death
Image by The Outside Project

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