Guest Artist: James Lewis

Our partners at 3rd Rail have set up an exciting collaboration between Hopeful Traders and lettering artist, James Lewis. James has painted a special piece for Hopeful Traders of which our friends at 3rd Rail will be creating a limited edition run of screen prints. The prints and the original painting will be available through the Kickstarter campaign this Friday. 

Mock up of the artwork

James has donated his work in the hope that his creation benefits people struggling with homelessness. James' genuine passion for using his creative talents to help people is not only inspiring but makes him exactly the kind of artist that Hopeful Traders seek to work with. Below is James' response when asked about what appealed to him about the collaboration:

I truly feel blessed for all opportunities that come my way where I get to help those who are less fortunate through my artwork. The Hopeful Traders collaboration isn't simply another one of these opportunities, it resonates with me on a deeper level as I was once homeless myself. Following the loss of my parents at a young age, and a series of unforeseen events I found myself living off sofas and broken camp beds, with no fixed address, all whilst still being in school. If it wasn't for homeless charities like Llamau, who supported me through a troubling time, I certainly would not be the man I am today. I genuinely feel honoured that I can give back through this project and many more in the future.

Read the full interview over at 3rd Rail's blog. Check out the video below to see James' creation.

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