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What is Stray Further all about?

Stray Further was created in response to the dire situation with homeless dogs and other animals in Morocco. After rescuing a small puppy whilst on holiday, and subsequently finding her a home in a sanctuary out here, we decided that it was time to change our lives and think about what we could offer to these animals.

Stray Further is a semi-nomadic company that works with animal charities, for the time being in Morocco. We design t-shirts and other products to raise funds and awareness for our charities, we chose to make clothing as it is a way for the customer to outwardly show their support and wear a rad tee! T-shirts are universal, not directed at a single audience and available to everyone.

Every product that we make is eco-friendly, responsibly resourced and sweat shop free. Our fabric is organic and created with a low carbon footprint. It is important that our products make people feel good when they are wearing them and that they have the smallest ecological impact possible.

Whereabouts are you based and who are you working with?

We started in Camberwell, London but are now in Essaouira in Morocco, we are currently working with an animal sanctuary called ‘Four Legged Orphan Sanctuary, FLOS’, they are about 40km north of the town and attached to a hotel. They aim to relieve the suffering of animals that find their way to them by housing, feeding, medicating and vaccinating them. At the moment they are small and underfunded but hopefully with our help they will become more organised, more successful at fundraising and have a larger online audience. We are also working with FLOS to create an adoption program and volunteer program.

What are you most proud of?

Three days after we arrived at the sanctuary, two day old puppies arrived, they were incredibly weak and hadn’t opened their eyes. Their litter mates were found dead next to them and it is thought that their mother was poisoned. We bottle fed them every three hours and kept them warm, they had sores on their backs and we tried our hardest to keep them alive. Unfortunately, they didn’t survive and as heartbreaking as it was we are proud that we gave them a week of comfort, warmth and love and this is ultimately why we are here. It may not be an uplifting story but it is a fact of our jobs and something that we can find light in.

How can people find out more and get involved?

We have our website, strayfurther.rocks which is home to our online shop, 10% of every sale goes to FLOS and the rest goes back into making products. There is an adoption page for anyone looking for a new furry friend and a ‘stories’ section which has chronicled our journey up until now. We are constantly updating the stories and shop so please keep following us.

We are also on Instagram - stray__further where we post daily updates of the sanctuary and our journeys around Morocco.

Early next year we are hiking Jbel Toubkal, North Africa’s highest point to raise awareness of these orphaned animals. For anyone interested in a challenge, please get involved! We will post further details on the website.

It is also possible to donate straight to FLOS via their website - flosanimals.com

What makes you hopeful?

This answer is twofold, firstly, watching sick animals get better and have the opportunity to grow into their characters, seeing one of our dogs who is blind, and arrived to the sanctuary close to death put on weight and start navigating her new world. Secondly, seeing the change in the attitude of the locals, working with them to see dogs as pets rather than pests and to educate them. Hopefully step by step we can make a change.

Thank you Josh and Kate, founders of Stray Further for answering our questions and for giving us the opportunity to support your work.

Grab your own Stray Further T Shirt on their online store here.


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