Hopeful x ANXTI For Mental Health Awareness Week

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Hopeful Traders continues to collaborate with artists who are passionate about supporting those affected by social issues. In support of Mental Health Awareness Week, we have teamed up with Anxti for a unique collaboration.

Mental health issues affect so many and yet are talked about relatively little. Only recently have they come into the wider public consciousness and there are still many suffering in silence. The biggest killers of men in Britain, aged 20 - 49 are themselves. That is more than all car accidents or cancer.

Artist, ANXTI sent us this statement about his work, which I feel sums up perfectly, why I was so keen to collaborate:

I have been using ANXTI as one of my coping mechanisms. The physical act of making my work, even just thinking about it is a great distraction from the stresses of every day life which trigger the anxiety and panic attacks I experience. 
My hope for ANXTI is to help, entertain and increase awareness of male mental health issues like anxiety. I have been amazed at the response to this little character. The dialogue I have had with other men across the globe via social media who also suffer with similar and more difficult problems then I have has been a truly wonderful and eye opening experience. For along time I always felt like I was alone in how I felt. It turns out I'm not and this was all achieved just by talking about it. 

I myself have struggled with depression, and I am comfortable to publicly say so. I manage this in a few ways including anti-depressants and regularly seeing a councillor. Many people, mostly men, do not feel able to talk about their issues. ANXTI perfectly embodies the feeling of silent and lonely suffering that many people endure on a daily basis.

The collaboration will be available from the 8th May and 20% of the sales from the collaboration will go to The Mental Health Foundation.

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