Introducing new collaborator Zin Vaitiekunas.

Another of many exciting announcements... It is more than just my pleasure to introduce you to our latest collaborator, Zin Vaitiekunas. 

Artist Zin  is a London-based artist who started his creative journey as a child in his hometown of Druskininkai, Lithuania. In a quest to gain more life experiences, he left home after finishing school to travel in Europe.

Whilst being on the streets in the south of France he found that people were really interested in his handmade postcards. This triggered his passion for something bigger. Not long after that, Zin was accepted to exhibit alongside Marilyn Manson in one of the annual "Modern Panic" shows in Hackney, London.

Now Zin is exhibiting his art in different countries around the world. His influences arise not only from artists such as Picasso, Dali, and Basquiat but also from the people around him, wild life and his own life experiences. Zin sees his own art as the result of the unconscious mind and uses various symbols in a cubist style which gives room for people's own interpretation. His work depicts raw and rough elements of living life in a city like London.

These very excellent photos are part of a collaboration with Other Syndicate photographer, Joe Gainsborough. You can see more of his work here.

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