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Kickstarter Update: So Where Does The Money Go?

We are now over halfway through the Kickstarter campaign and I just wanted to tell you a bit about all the good your money will be doing if you pledge/have pledged.

We have a collection available through Kickstarter which has been designed by homeless and formerly homeless artists. These are the rewards that you can get for pledging towards the campaign. The funding from the campaign will then go towards a new collection designed in collaboration with a group of young homeless people in London and you get pieces from this wonderful collection. WIN WIN!

Money raised will pay for production as well as a pop up shop during the Christmas shopping period. All the people we work on the designs receive a percentage of the sales. We also ask them to nominate charitable organisations that receive profits from sales. This helps support charities dealing with homelessness during the difficult winter period. Last year, sales of David Tovey's collection raised £3000 to help the Pilion Trust fund their winter crash pad for young people. We hope to emulate this success again this year.

We currently support, The Pilion Trust, C4WS and Café Art as chosen by our current artists, David, Ray and Zin.

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