Collaboration with people affected by homelessness and mental illness

ROL chooses to support C4WS with sales of his new collection

Hopeful Traders have collaborated on two more designs with artist ROL (Ray Of Light) to be released as part of the Kickstarter campaign on the 28th of July. The new styles feature images from a photography project that Ray took part in for the Serpentine Gallery backed, Edgware Road Project. The project highlights change and gentrification in London. Ray used a 1920s camera to take modern day photographs of the area to highlight the passing of time and changes to the scene. 

Ray has chosen C4WS to receive profits from the sales of the new collection. C4WS are a charity who support homeless people in London. Ray wanted to raise money for them as thanks for all the support they have given and continue to give him.

Ray invited Jenna, the shelter coordinator at C4WS, to come into the Hopeful Traders office to check out the new designs. Harry Bowley got the shots.

You can see Ray's new designs here.
Find out more about C4WS here.

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