Social Enterprise Shopping: 5 Beautiful Products For Your Home

We've picked out a few of our favourite products made by brands who have a social mission at their heart. As you can see, there is no need to compromise on quality when also fulfilling social impact objectives. The greater level of transparency of these brands also helps you to know that your money is being well spent. 

  1. Plant Hanger by Aerende £24

This plant hanger is handmade from sustainable materials and by women facing disadvantages in London. Aerende are a home and lifestyle brand who work with organisations (in this case Fabricworks) to create beautiful products whilst also offering opportunities for people facing social challenges in the UK. 

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Find out more about Aerende here

  1. Rising Sun Cushion by Jolt £48

This bold and beautiful design is by Jolt, the lifestyle brand of Designs In Mind. Designs In Mind is a working studio that brings together people living with mental health challenges. The studio gives people a safe space to come together and express their creativity as well as communicate with members of the wider public interested in their work.

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Find out more about Jolt here

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  1. Black Poppy & Wild Fig hand lotion by The Soap Co. £12

The Soap Co. use natural ingredients to create their beautiful soaps and lotions. Not only are their ingredients responsibly sourced but they are made people facing disadvantages and disabilities.

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Find out more about The Soap Co. here

  1. ‘Dehebi’ Handspun Wool Blanket by Stray Further £105

These blankets are handmade by Ali Boudan in Essaouira. Stray Further are a social enterprise who, as well as supporting artisan makers such as Ali, give 10% of all their sales to Refuge GCO. Refuge GCO is an animal sanctuary based in Morocco.

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Find out more about Stray Further here

  1. Pulp Bowl by Quazi £12

These decorative bowls are made from recycled newspapers. Based in Swaziland, all Quazi’s products are hand made by artisans who earn a living wage.

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