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Songwriting Circle in aid of The Connection at St Martins

Jam Sandwich x Yucatan present the best emerging talent from across London.12 artists will perform and collaborate together in a beautiful church venue. Witness live collaboration and improvisation,breaking the barriers between artist and audience,subverting a traditional gig format. Hopeful Traders have organised for proceeds to go to The Connection, a charity supporting thousands of homeless people in central London. We will also be selling our organic streetwear designed in collaboration with people affected by homelessness and mental illness at the event. Click here for tickets and more information

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Why heavily discounted clothing is a bad thing… and why Hopeful are doing it

It’s easy to get excited about the big red tags with “unmissable deals” but often hidden behind these discounts is a cost to the planet and the people who made that product. Most big discounts on fashion items indicate waste and low worker wages. Waste and underpaid workers It’s pretty much impossible to predict exactly what products are going to sell well and in what numbers and sizes. A brand doesn’t want to miss out on sales because they run out of stock.  There are so many variables in fashion and a lot of risk when investing in production. To negate this risk, most big fashion brands produce as much as possible for as little cost as possible. In the...

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9 Recommendations rejected by the UK Government to limit impact of fast fashion

In February, The Environmental Audit Committee published a report with recommendations on how the Government could limit the negative impact that the fashion industry has on the environment and the people who make its products. The Government has chosen not to accept a single one of these recommendations which are aimed at reducing the effects of one of the most polluting industries on the planet as well as tackling modern slavery. 

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Scrap the 1824 Vagrancy Act

From Crisis.org.uk Homelessness should not be a crime. But the Vagrancy Act, which goes back to 1824, makes it a crime just to sleep rough or beg in England and Wales. Crisis, Cymorth Cymru, Homeless Link, Shelter Cymru, St Mungo’s, the Wallich and all the #ScraptheAct campaign supporters are calling for the Vagrancy Act be scrapped. The Vagrancy Act does nothing to resolve the root causes of homelessness. In fact, it’s more likely to push someone further from the vital services that help them to move away from the streets. Download the campaign briefing. The Government is soon to review the Vagrancy Act, but hasn’t said that they will repeal it – yet. Until they do, vulnerable people will continue to be pushed...

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The Positive Pop Up By Mamoq: 23rd May - 2nd June

Click here to go to register for free and get 10% off in store Champions of sustainable fashion and positivity, MAMOQ have invited Hopeful to be a part of a one of a kind pop up in London and you are all invited. FROM MAMOQ: MAMOQ are bringing the feel-good factor back into fashion this spring at our positive pop-up shop in Shoreditch, London. This May 23 – June 2 we're incredibly excited to invite you to join us as we take our unique collection of sustainable and ethical fashion to the high street for the very first time! Come say hello, check out our collections, chat to us about all things sustainable and join in our evening events filled with...

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