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Hopeful World: Nick Pearce, HoMie Streetstore - Melbourne

What is HoMie all about? HoMie provides brand-new clothing, training and job opportunities to people experiencing homelessness. HoMie aims to alleviate homelessness by providing job opportunities, and support the transition into long-term, sustainable employment for young people experiencing homelessness.  Whereabouts are you based and who are you working with? HoMie is currently based in Melbourne Central Shopping Centre (right in the heart of the CBD) and works with young people that are engaged in homelessness services. Once a month, HoMie hosts a "VIP Day", whereby we invite 30 people experiencing homelessness that are engaged in a service to "shop" at HoMie- they receive up to five band-new items of clothing to choose at their own discretion, a haircut, makeup, nails, food,...

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Hopeful World: Joanna Hobson, Kahaila-Reflex - London

Hi Jo, what is Kahaila-Reflex all about?  Kahaila-Reflex exists to have a positive impact in the lives of female young offenders and ex-offenders – empowering them to break free from the destructive cycles of crime they are caught in. Working in prison and the community, we deliver accredited life skills courses; pastoral and mentoring support; and act as a gateway to resettlement opportunities to help these women move forward positively and enable them to flourish. Whereabouts are you based and who are you working with? We specialize in working with young women in prison and so prison is where we spend most of our time! Based in the Chaplaincy department, we support the women during their sentence and as they...

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How did David Tovey and Hopeful Traders get together?

This time we speak with Hopeful Traders founder Charlie Wright, about how he met David Tovey and the genesis of the David Tovey Collection.  *** Charlie first became aware of David’s work through the charity Café Art, he told us about the first time he met David at an exhibition in Spitalfields Market, ‘he was brimming with enthusiasm, one of those people who is immediately friendly. He is clearly a real community guy, he was enthusing about other people’s art and saying how good it would be on a T shirt.’ Charlie and David met again the following day and agreed on the artworks that would form the basis of the David Tovey collection, the Bus and Taxi prints, and...

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David Tovey speaks to VICE

Formerly Homeless People Talk About the Obstacles They Overcame to Get Housing While studying at university I became very ill, due to my HIV-positive status, and found myself unable to work. My family weren't in a position to help me out financially, so I ended up getting two months behind on my rent. I attempted to get assistance from the council, but they told me I wasn't entitled to housing benefit... more

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Hopeful World: Alice Williams, Luminary Bakery - London

What is Luminary Bakery all about? Luminary Bakery is an innovative response to a need we saw for vulnerable women who have had a social and economic disadvantage. We are a social enterprise designed to offer opportunities for women to build a future for themselves and their families. We provide a safe and professional environment where women can grow holistically – encouraging ambition, restoration and second chances. We use baking as a tool to take women on a journey to employability and entrepreneurship, equipping them with practical and transferrable skills for the working world. We offer courses, work experience and paid employment within our bakery, empowering women to build a career and a positive future. By investing in and releasing...

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