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Hopeful News: A Moment of Magic

A Moment of Magic Hopeful Traders designer David Tovey sums up life on the streets quite succinctly, ‘Homelessness is loneliness, it’s segregation and pain. You get spat at and treated like shit basically.’ David had an incredibly tough time when he was homeless, but he also looks back and remembers some special moments. ‘One time I was walking up Hackney way and all the leaves had blown and got stuck all the way up the fencing around some tennis courts. I was like ‘that’s fantastic’, little things like that and sitting to watch the sun rise was just magical.’ David Tovey 1st Girl Organic Sweatshirt He remembers taking time to visit long forgotten parks in London, wandering the wooded untrodden...

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Hopeful News: Who Inspires David Tovey?

Hopeful News: David Tovey Series David Tovey has designed a very special collection for Hopeful Traders, and over the coming weeks we are excited to be able to share with you some insight into David’s life and his experience of homelessness.He has told us all about how he managed to turn his life around and even about some of the unexpected magical moments he experienced while homeless.To kick off, we asked David who inspired him as an artist.  Who inspires David Tovey?  David hadn’t been near a pencil for 20 years, he told us ‘I’d been a chef in the army and when I had my stroke it, it was my Mum who encouraged me to do something in the...

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