Charlie Wright

Charlie founded Hopeful in 2015 as a response to the visible issue of homelessness in London. Charlie worked at a sound studio at the time and felt acutely aware that all the creative and professional opportunities that had come his way were largely the cause of his privileged background.

He saw how people who struggle for these opportunities often lack financial stability, supportive family networks and access to contacts who can offer viable opportunities for career development.

Hopeful was set up with the aim at sharing the opportunities that had been afforded to Charlie. Hopeful is a platform for the creative talents of marginalised people and a place for them to be heard and seen by the rest of society.

After a year of running the company, a combination of the pressure to make Hopeful succeed, isolation resulting from working largely alone and the loss of a personal relationship caused Charlie to have a nervous breakdown and enter into an extended period of acute depression.

This very almost resulted in an end to the Hopeful journey but after accepting help from counselors, doctors, friends and family, Charlie found his drive for the Hopeful mission reignited.

He had seen first hand how quickly personal and professional pressures can lead you to debilitating mental health issues. Without a financially stable and emotionally supportive family, Charlie could easily have found himself as one of the people he set out to help.

This clear indication to how important those support networks can be, has driven Charlie further in his mission to share the benefits of his upbringing with other people. This is not just about money, this is about friendship, love, understanding and giving people genuine chances to express themselves, connect with our wider society and show their talents.

Charlie works on all the brand's collaborations but the Hopeful Brand collections are solely designed by Charlie. Revenue is reinvested into Hopeful's running costs and new collaborations with creatives affected by homelessness and mental illness.