David Tovey Collection


On October  21st 2013, in a London park, David Tovey decided to take his own life. Cancer, HIV, cardiac arrests and a stroke were just some of the extreme difficulties that David had recently faced. Having successfully run the kitchen of his own central London gastropub, David now found himself homeless and seemingly with no hope.

A passing park attendant, named Gavin, snatched a syringe loaded with a lethal dose from David’s hands, sat and talked with him and contacted homeless charity and shelter, The Pilion Trust. This event would prove to be the turning point in David’s life.

In the years since, David has found his own home, his health has improved and his artistic talents and charity work have attracted the attention and admiration of the London community. Amongst David’s many achievements he has been made artist in residence at Diorama Arts Centre in Euston, where he organised and hosted the first One Festival of Homeless Arts.

David has chosen to support The Pilion Trust to with the sales of his collection. Check out more of David's work here.


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