David Tovey


The loss of his health, his business, a relationship and a home left David Tovey feeling like he had little choice but to end his life. Thankfully a park attendant named Gavin stopped David and asked him what was wrong.

David has since exhibited in internationally recognised galleries such as the TATE Modern and TATE Liverpool, founded the ONE Festival of Homeless Arts and become a recognised social commentator and advocate for the homeless. David still finds the time to volunteer teaching art at two charities including The Pilion Trust, who supported David when he came off the streets.

When Hopeful Traders approached Café Art looking for the first collaborator for the still in concept brand, Café Art immediately brought up David's name and his work. At the time David was busy creating his first Man On Bench Fashion show to create awareness around homelessness, despite dealing with ongoing health issues.

After hassling David to meet for a couple months, he eventually agreed to help create what would become the first Hopeful Traders collection.

5% of sales from David's collaborations go to The Pilion Trust and David receives 10%