James Lewis

"Following the loss of my parents at a young age, and a series of unforeseen events, I found myself living off sofas and broken camp beds, with no fixed address, all whilst still being in school. If it wasn’t for homeless charities like Llamau, who supported me through a troubling time, I certainly would not be the man I am today. I genuinely feel honoured that I can give back through this project and many more in the future."

- James Lewis on his experience of homelessness and collaboration with Hopeful Traders.

James is now an established and respected lettering specialist and designer.. James's arduously attained technical skill mixed with his passion for positive messaging have garnered him a global fan base, including over 300k followers on Instagram.

James was introduced to Hopeful Traders by our printing partners, 3rd Rail, who are a collective of artist and specialist screen printers based in London. James was impassioned by the opportunity to support people going through what he had gone through.

James has chosen to forego receiving any revenue from his collaborations so as to further support our work supporting vulnerable people. 5% of revenue goes to Llamau who supported James as teenager.