Miguel Fuster

Miguel Fuster (Miquel in Catalan) is a cartoonist, painter and illustrator from Barcelona. In the 60s, Miguel found success as a comic artist but after a sentimental separation, a fire in his family home and a decline of the market for his work, Miguel found himself on the streets. Miguel survived on the little money he made by selling paintings to tourists but was soon driven to alcoholism. 

In 2003 he sought help from 
Arrels Fundacio and he managed to abandon alcohol. He then created three autobiographical comic books called Miguel, 15 años en la calle (Miguel, 15 years in the street).

Hopeful Traders came across Miguel's work in the Homeless Fonts project. The team at Arrels then facilitated a collaboration with Hopeful using Miguel's hand drawn font and symbolic image of a key.

At the age of 71 he continues to publish work in the 20 Minutos and on his blog. Part of his time is dedicated to giving talks about his story and how easy it can be to⁣ fall in the street.

Miguel receives 10% of sales of his collaborations and Arrels Fundacio receive 5%. Miquel also designed the font, for which Hopeful Traders bought the creative license from Arrels Fundacio, for our Hopeful x Homeless Fonts collaboration. Check out all his collaborations here.