Ray Of Light

Ray Of Light (or ROL) is an active member of the arts community. His work on gentrification has been published by the Serpentine Gallery-backed, Edgware Road project. He is a three time winner of the Café Art MyLondon photography competition. It was Café Art who first introduced Ray to Hopeful Traders.

Ray has been homeless for several years. Having grown up in Croydon, South London, Ray has seen house prices and rent in and around the city sky rocket and the sense of community diminish. Ray's photography brings into focus the human side of the bustling streets of London.

Ray has a close relation ship with Camden based, homeless charity C4WS who support him and so many other homeless and vulnerable people in north London.

Ray has chosen to support C4WS with 5% of sales of his collection. Ray receives 10% of sales.

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