We Are Hopeful

Hopeful collaborator, David Tovey, shares his story


We Are Hopeful

Hopeful Traders is a social impact brand that collaborates with creatives affected by homelessness and mental illness on the designs of the pieces that you can see and buy on this site.

A platform for marginalised voices

The sales of our products raise funds for marginalised people and the charities that support them. By sharing the stories and creative work of our collaborators we hope to give all people affected by social issues a voice and to create conversation about how we can make sure no one is left out of our society.

David Tovey and Charlie Wright by Rosie Matheson for VICE


Ethical Production

At Hopeful Traders we strive to ensure that all of our products are manufactured in an ethical manner, with minimal impact on the environment and positive impact on the people who make them.

All of our garments are organic and made in factories certified by the Fairwear Foundation who ensure safe, happy working conditions and living wages.

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All the printing and customisation is then done in London. Most of our printed products are printed using only water based inks as they have less impact on the environment and we think they look better anyway. We do still stock some products that contain plastisol ink but we won't be making any more using these inks in the future.

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