Hopeful Traders is a social arts project and clothing brand. We collaborate with artists affected by issues such as homelessness and mental illness to raise money for organisations dealing with these issues.

We are currently making plans to relaunch the company with a crowdfunding campaign at the end of June. Many people approach us wanting to get involved and support us so we have created a community for all these lovely people...


Group members can do anything from sharing a post on social media, to running your own photoshoot. We would like to cultivate a creative community with your ideas are at the centre.

No previous experience or specific skills are required. If you had some skills you could bring to the group that we could use then of course we would be happy to take advantage! Just let us know what you do and want to do for us.

There is nothing binding you to any of the requests in the group and you can be involved completely remotely. There is no need to be in any one place at any time. Wide and varying locations in the group are encouraged.

Of course there's a little something in it for you. Hopeful People will get exclusive offers, discounts and maybe a freebie or two for those who really get stuck in.

If you would like to join, head to the FACEBOOK GROUP.

Thank you already!

- Charlie

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