Collaboration with people affected by homelessness and mental illness

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In this series we shine a light on individuals and organizations taking the issues that affect our society into their own hands. At Hopeful Traders we aim to do more than just give. We want to build and connect communities where individuals are provided with opportunities to support themselves as well as the people around them. With this in mind we set out to speak to the people already making this idea a reality.

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Episode 1: Café Art

We hear from Paul Ryan about how Café Art's photography projects is changing lives of the homeless across the globe


Episode 2: Accumul8

Marice Cumber tells us how Accumul8 is using art and creativity to offer opportunities to some of London's most disadvantaged young people


Episode 3: Cariad Lloyd

After coming across our friends at The Homeless Period, comedian Cariad decided to take matters into her own hands and started collecting donations of sanitary items to take to her local shelter. We talk about the issues and stigma around periods as well as Cariad's own podcast about death, Griefcast


Episode 4: Fat Macy's

Whilst working at a youth hostel in North London, Meg Doherty realised that the potential that could be unlocked by some of the tenants passion for food. Fat Macy's offers invaluable opportunities for young people in temporary housing to find stable accommodation.


Episode 5: The One Festival of Homeless Arts

Hopeful Traders designer, David Tovey states that art saved his life. Keen to encourage others to embrace art in the face of adversity, David started The One Festival of Homeless Arts.

Episode 6: Stray Further

Kate and Josh were moved to change their entire lives by an experience whilst on holiday. Hear how their work is changing the lives or animals and people in Morocco.