How do the collaborations work?

All our collaborators have been affected by homelessness and/or mental illness, either in the past of currently. Hopeful Traders have built up a small collective of artists who we have met through various other organisations such as Cafe Art, SHP, Pilion Trust and 3rd Rail

All the collaborations take different forms, sometimes the artists have pieces that from existing work that they would like to feature or sometimes we create something totally original together. In the first instance we go through together all the different artwork they have and pick out pieces we think would work for clothing designs. We then look at different options of ethically produced, organic, garments and apparel to bring together with their artwork.

We then pay for and manage production, which is through our printing friends at 3rd Rail here in London. The garments being customised are produced by a Fairwear certified manufacturers in Bangladesh. The Fairwear Foundation ensure that workers are paid fair wages in safe and happy environments.

The artists maintain ownership of their artwork, Hopeful Traders simply licenses the artwork to use on our products for a cut of the sales. Most of our artists get 10% of revenue from sales. We choose to do 10% of revenue rather than a portion of profit so that the customer knows exactly where their money is going. Often other brands and organisations use a "percentage of profits" wording which can be quite misleading.

Often we give the artist the option to donate an extra 5% to a charity that they choose. Ususally this is a charity that has supported them or continues to support them. In the case of a few of our collaborators, they only donate to charity and don't take a percentage for themselves.