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Naomi's Story

During an admission to hospital for Bipolar disorder, Naomi’s flat was broken into. She lost not only all of her belongings but also a safe place to call home. It became more and more unstable.

London based charity, Single Homeless Project, was set up by a group of homeless people in 1975 to prevent homelessness and help vulnerable and socially excluded people to transform their lives. After Naomi got in contact with SHP, Naomi was welcomed into their community and art program. With a Background in theatre design and as a dresser in the West End Naomi built on her existing design and drawing skills and also learnt many new ones such as portrait drawing and embroidery. SHP allowed her to exhibit and sell her artwork whilst they also helped her find new, safer accommodation.

Naomi has elected SHP to receive 10% of all the sales of her collection.
You can check out Naomi's collection for Hopeful Traders here